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    When I started as a mammographer and getting up close to women, I quickly became aware that we women put up with discomfort/annoyance for ages without seeking help. Usually women with bigger breasts might have a sweat rash underneath..it comes and goes. It does not bother some..but if you want rid of it..talk to your chemist. Antifungal cream and persistence will clear it. Unfortunately they don’t sell ‘persistence’..let me know if you find it. This leaflet is available if you want to read a little more on the subject.

    Do you think women put up with a discomfort/pain too long? Would you go to your GP or chemist with a sweat rash?


    E E Marriott

    Hi Julie

    I definitely find that ladies do tend to suffer with this type of thing for too long, sadly often enough to end up with the skin torn and bleeding or worse still infected. Sometimes however a little bit of reassurance that there are creams available to clear it up is enough to prompt women into speaking to their pharmacist or practice nurse. It must be very uncomfortable.

    Wife, Mother, Clinical Specialist Radiographer, Eternal Student. Exceptionally proud to work in breast screening.


    Thank you Elizabeth for adding you comments. I was very surprised to learn about this rash when I started working as a mammographer. I had not seen it..or not known that I had seen it, in all my years working as a radiographer. I always give that extra information to my clients when they show signs of active and inactive sweat rash. Often women comment that they had it last time and treatment was not mentioned. As health promotion, or in this case health education, I think staff miss an opportunity to give added value to a Breast Screening visit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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