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    Rachael Carr

    Hello all!

    I screened a lady today who had previous breast cancer years before. She was delighted to tell me about a new alternative to a prosthetic breast – a knitted knocker! Set up by an American lady, they are now gaining populartiy. More importantly, my lady expressed huge relief at not having to use a heavy prosthesis anymore, she personally found them horrendous and was quite distressed by it. Of course not every lady finds this, but she said this knitted alternative has changed her life entirely. She wanted me to spread the word and I told her I would 🙂

    Rachael Carr


    May help if you had the link 😉


    How interesting, Rachel. I wonder what anyone else thinks about this. Is it worn inside a bra?

    Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography, University of Salford


    Wow not heard of knitted knockers before – they look like an amazing alternative. What are they filled with? How many women are using them an alternative? sorry so many questions:)

    thanks for sharing


    Hi All.
    Yes they are an alternative. I have some samples if you are interested. I keep them on the unit and share with ladies that do not like the heavy weight of the traditional ones.

    They are knitted, or crocheted, to the requested size and filled with toy grade filling. They are washable and refillable!
    They fill a ‘swimming’ one with a bathroom ‘scrunchy’ so it dries easily. The ‘They’ are people..usually women I guess who knit them up and then post the orders out. There is no charge to the recipient, so the group appreciate donations.

    Thanks for sharing the info is great that we can let women share ideas and good experiences.

    Beverley Scragg

    You’ve got to appreciate the ideas that some people have – that’s brilliant. I have heard from people before that the weight of the ‘traditional’ prosthetics can be off-putting; these seem to be more versatile too – I love the swimming thing! I wonder if the breast care nurses in my unit keep a sample? Will check.

    Radiographer, Mammographer, Gamer, Scout...... & MUM!!

    Tina Summers

    I’ve never heard of them before but what a fabulous idea!!


    Hello all: my first post on here, but I’m a mammographer with 17 years of experience: I got rather distracted by this post while thinking about being on the practitioner forum last night. I was wondering if any other units have heart shaped cushions to give to women after breast surgery? Our unit has them and women can have them. They are given by a local group of sewers who donate them: apparently the shape is extremely good for supporting tissues while sleeping/resting etc.
    Here’s a link to a similar group I found on the web

    Project – Heart Cushions

    Women are very positive about them and really like them


    I love it. People do what they can with what they love! Thanks for sharing. Wonder if we get a collection of ideas we could write a short article for our professional magazine.

    Beverley Scragg

    That’s another good idea – and Julie, yes, has anyone ever collected this sort of thing together and put it ‘out there’?

    If not, great time to maybe do so – but if people who had used them gave their opinion too and that was included, even better?

    Radiographer, Mammographer, Gamer, Scout...... & MUM!!

    Rachael Carr

    Oh wow, thank you for all your responses. I’m so pleased the Knitted Knocker message is getting out there! I LOVE the heart cushions Sam, what a fabulous idea. I may get our Breast Care Nurses involved (althought they’re pretty amazing and will know doubt know about it already like the Knitted Knockers!).

    Its the smaller, little niggles that when you find a solution for them, make such a huge difference.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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