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    During a screening session I manage to talk about many different topics. After explanation of the examination I can share information, evidence, holiday and work, health and awareness or just listen to my client.

    Recently I heard 2 women discussing the screening programme and when it finishes. Funny thing is that it doesn’t really finish..the automatic invites stop when you are about 70yrs young. After that if you are willing and able you can call your local screening unit every 3 years for another mammogram.
    Why did I say funny? The conversation was in full flow, mis-information being exchanged..right in front of me. Guess they didn’t know who I was or maybe I was hiding behind the reception desk…note to self..should get it lowered! So I jumped into their conversation and shared the most recent information.


    Beverley Scragg

    yes, I have heard that all too often! I also heard the breast consultants at work comment on it – they sometimes get referrals of women over 70 through their GP’s for breast clinic appointments simply because the screening programme has stopped inviting them, and no-one is sure of how to get back in the system again.
    It only takes a phone call, but it’s woefully under-publicised!

    Radiographer, Mammographer, Gamer, Scout...... & MUM!!


    Geraldine Shires

    I have problems knowing what to advise women because of the age trial. It would be helpful if we knew exactly what is going on with it! At present, some women will be called up to the age of 73 but there’s no way (as far as I know) of finding out who will be called automatically and who will need to self-refer!


    Yes Ger, It is a randomised trial meaning that some GP practises will find that all their eligible women between the ages of 47 and 73 will be invited. This means that those woman are guarunteed a screening invite before they are 50. The remaining women will be invited as their GP practise is screened by rotation from approx 50-70yrs. All women over the this age may arrange an appointment the following 3 years and each 3 years after that, they do not have to wait to see if they are selected.


    cathy hill

    I just give out reminders to everyone over 70 and mention that they might get an invite, but if they don’t, give us a call and book yourself in.



    test 18 feb 2016



    Hi everybody, intresting! We (Nightingale Centre) have a really useful info leaflet with frequently asked Q&A! For the 70/73+.I usually give these out to the eligible clients, this includes the number for the breast screening office and the date due for their next mammogram!👍👍☎☎☎☎✒

    Could we upload or have a link to it online, Cathy/Geraldine what do you think?




    Leslie and I were at a NHS England Population Screening meeting today and sharing good practice was a hot topic. I feel that yes we should have a place on this site for just that..practitioners sharing Good a project or action that worked somewhere else.

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