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    A quick reminder about some issues related to sharing information and opinions in an on-line social space. This is an open forum. That means that anyone can read the posts. You do have to register to add posts or join the conversation however. On joining you are asked to agree to a set of principles before you post. Although we welcome open discussion and encourage the sharing of different opinions, you should never post anything that aims to deliberately upset other people. The administrators will remove posts that are likely to cause offense or harm.

    The practitioners present on this forum share their knowledge and expertise freely because of their passion to help women understand more about breast screening. In doing so they are not acting as employees but as autonomous practitioners with a wide range of experience which they are keen to share with you. For this reason they can not, nor should/will they, offer advice about individual cases. If you are concerned at all about your own health or that of a friend or relative you should seek advice from your GP.

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    • This topic was modified 8 years, 2 months ago by Leslie.
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    Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography, University of Salford

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