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    Liz Morton

    Hello Ladies

    Long time no hear from me – I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with work and family and trying to re-find my energy, which the chemo seems to have stolen, even though my treatment ended 3 years ago. On the ongoing treatment front, I changed from Tamoxifen to Anastrozole in April this year after officially having been through the menopause. What a nightmare that was – not the menopause, rather the effects of anastrozole. Having tolerated them for 3 months, thinking it would get better (being ever the optimist).

    I finally made an appointment to see my oncologist, armed with the dossier of side-effects, a list too log to mention here. He was very good, listened empathetically then suggested Letrozole, which might improve things, or make things worse. Apparently Letrozole does the same job (inhibits your aromatase which in turn makes small amounts of oestrogen). Glad to report, 3 months in I am feeling so much better, still having the hot flushes and joint pain, but feel able to tolerate those without the myriad of other side effects. So much of the treatment for cancer is hit or miss, I guess because we are all unique and will react to drugs very differently.

    I also had my annual mammogram and CT scan – so much more comfortable about these now. My Mammographer was brilliant, chatty, made me feel at ease totally and to top it off, was a Northern soul as I am – living in the Midlands for love!!! I talked about WOMMeN so hopefully she will take a look and see the sterling work that is being done here.

    One last thing – Congratulations to Leslie and the team, very very proud that you have nominated the College of Radiographers North West team of the year. Absolutely brilliant.


    Beverley Scragg

    Thank you!! We are getting very excited about the awards ceremony: thoughts have turned to clothes and shoes, and someone suggested that we should all appear with big WOMMeN badges on our tops, haha!

    Thanks also for letting us know how treatment is going for you – I find any information like this valuable, so that I can follow any medical discussion more fully, and also so I can either answer any queries that I get from women attending for mammogram. I’m glad that the side effects have calmed down; feeling ‘under the weather, day in, day out must indeed be tiring.

    And yay! for chatty mammographers! Northern too – see, now my head is going oooh, do I know her? Just like when I open a copy of RAD magazine, when I look through all the pictures to see who I know, and where everyone works!

    Just me, then?

    Radiographer, Mammographer, Gamer, Scout...... & MUM!!


    Hi Liz!! Lovely to hear from you. So glad your Meds are proving a better option and I’m sure other women hearing this will find it very useful for discussions with their own oncologists.
    Thanks for the congrats…we’ve actually won the National award now. UK team of the year!!
    We’re doing some evaluation work now and might be looking for some more patient/public input if you’re up for it??

    Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography, University of Salford

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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