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    When attending for your breast screening please ensure you are aware of your DATE OF BIRTH & CURRENT HOME ADDRESS. This information is very important. Your results for your breast screening mammogram are sent to YOUR home address and YOU receive a copy of your results either way so do expect to hear regarding your results.

    In between your three yearly breast screening invitations, if you think you have any breast related problems you should speak to your doctor who will be able to refer you to the local Symptomatic breast clinic.

    In some cultures, Date of Birth is not an important issue and clients are unaware of their date of births, if this is the case please bring an offical form of ID, such as, Passport or Driving license. If ID is not available you may be declined your mammogram, have a wasted journey and have to rearrange!.All breast screening appointments are not sent from the mobile units but are sent from a static office usually where the base site hospital is for the NHS breast screening programme.

    See you at your next breast screening appointment!.



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