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Digital healthcare and social media

Wow – Facebook recently reported that they have 1.5 billon visitors per month. Twitter (who don’t ever like to brag) have around 12.5 million UK users, and LinkedIn currently report 19 million UK visitors. One sector that has been radically disrupted by all this social media use is healthcare – often it’s the first place[…]

Social media and breast screening: really?

Bev Scragg, mammographer at East Lancs, reflects on the findings into an audit into Trust social media policies and found some surprising things! Facetube? Chatsnap? InstantGran? So, you’re a mammographer working in the NHS and you’ve heard about this entity ‘Social Media’.  The kids are all ‘doing’ social media, whatever that is – is it[…]

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Breast screening: joining the dots

Last week I attended the brilliant Symposium Mammographicum. It was my first attendance and I wasn’t disappointed. It somehow managed to appeal to the wide ranging audience of practitioners from all four tiers, researchers, and radiologists. The speakers came from all these groups. The poster section was superb and to top it all, I was[…]

7 important things you should know about breast screening mammograms

By Leslie Robinson, WOMMeN Project Lead 1. You’ll be automatically called for screening if you fit the population criteria Yes, you don’t need to worry about making sure you’re on the list. There’s a tight system of control that’s managed by the NHS Breast Screening Programme. As long as you’re registered with a GP you’ll[…]

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Confessions of a technophobe: how using Social Media as a health professional is not as scary as it seems

TREPIDATION A few years ago I noticed in a memo on the notice board at work that Leslie Robinson at the University of Salford was interested in developing communication about breast screening and she and her team wanted some input from mammography practitioners. With some trepidation I went along to the first meeting to meet[…]

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