NHS Breast Screening leaflet

Too much information? The case against talking about Ductal Carcinoma In Situ.

Our mammographer colleague Geraldine has a few things to say about the National Breast Screening Information leaflet. Is the leaflet for or against breast screening? Is it helping you decide, or, as Geraldine fears – putting you off by talking about ductal carcinoma in situ? Am I being controversial? This might be a slightly controversial[…]

Image showing breast screening statistics

Reflecting on the call back experience: the implications of overdiagnosis

October 12 2015 By Rachel Plachcinski We’re delighted to welcome another guest post written by one of the WOMMeN hub group team. Rachel is a health professional but was new to mammography when she attended her first screening appointment. Here is her story.. Three months ago I received an invitation to attend for breast screening[…]

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