NHS Breast Screening leaflet

Too much information? The case against talking about Ductal Carcinoma In Situ.

Our mammographer colleague Geraldine has a few things to say about the National Breast Screening Information leaflet. Is the leaflet for or against breast screening? Is it helping you decide, or, as Geraldine fears – putting you off by talking about ductal carcinoma in situ? Am I being controversial? This might be a slightly controversial[…]

32 years of mammography

Geraldine Shires, mammographer at the Nightingale Centre in Manchester, has dedicated her working life to ensuring women who need breast imaging get the best quality of service at what is often a very difficult time in their lives. One of the silent majority of health professionals who just get on with the job in often[…]

Image showing online communication

Confessions of a technophobe: how using Social Media as a health professional is not as scary as it seems

TREPIDATION A few years ago I noticed in a memo on the notice board at work that Leslie Robinson at the University of Salford was interested in developing communication about breast screening and she and her team wanted some input from mammography practitioners. With some trepidation I went along to the first meeting to meet[…]

Preparing for your mammogram: a mammographer’s perspective

One of the WOMMeN mammographers, Geraldine Shires, has reflected on her experience of advising women on a daily basis and has come up with this check list for preparing for your mammogram. Don’t Panic! “From the questionnaires which have been received it appears that a lot of women would like some explanation of what goes[…]

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