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So here at WoMMeN we quite like our website – but do you like it too? That is the question we’re hoping to answer with our second survey of our website.

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Second survey? I didn’t see the first!

Ahh, that was back in November, you must have missed it. I’ll share some of the insights here:

hummingbird65% of the survey respondents came to WoMMeN to see what other women, or mammographers were saying about having a mammogram.

46% of the sample agreed that the forums were a useful thing to have

56% of the sample would definitely return to WoMMeN

And 50% of the sample had already had a mammogram – it just goes to show that even if you’ve already been there and done it, a little bit of conversation about it still helps!

Our website metrics revealed!

We’re asking you to take our new survey, so we’ll tell you a little bit about our site first. Here are some facts and figures about the WoMMeN site:

PIE-chartOver 1 year since our launch

We have over 5000 visitors to our humble site – not bad!

We’ve also had over 13,500 page views in that time – do you like what you see? We’ve forgotten to include something? Tell us!

The post that most people read is this one: About Intertrigo

And the page that people are most interested in is this one: the mammogram

Now it’s your turn

While all the facts and figures may be interesting to us, they may not be to you – and that’s OK. What we’re trying to find out is what is interesting to you, what we should or could be doing to make breast screening less of a mystery to you – and there’s where our survey comes in.

We’ll use the data from the survey to answer questions like:

  • Is everything on the website easy to find?
  • What does the average user want? Information or chat?
  • Have we made breast screening and the mammogram easier to understand?
  • What do the mammographers want to use the site for?


We want to find the answers and learn the lessons so that we can carry on chatting with you, and people like you.

Take our Survey! (Click Here)

(it runs until the middle of June 2017)

Thank you!

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