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Online Communication

Social media doesn’t have the best of reputations in some places; it seems sometimes that horror stories are everywhere about that unlucky person who posted something that ‘went viral’ and the world watched as they lost their livelihood as something called ‘trolls’ all piled in and made their lives a misery. It might be that where you work, ‘the boss’ isn’t keen and discourages anyone from even using social media; this happens a lot in healthcare, but also in other industries, where big businesses will do anything to protect their reputation.

Understandably, people are put off from even using social media, but it doesn’t have to be this way! We at WoMMeN believe in the power of social media; where we can all benefit from sharing information and experiences, especially about breast screening – our specialist subject! Used wisely, social media can help you; if you’re a health professional, you can join in ‘Tweetchats’ on Twitter with other professionals to discuss best practice and maybe forge links to collaborate in research projects; if you’re a patient, or a well woman having mammograms then there’s support groups, forums and people like us at WoMMeN to help you get the answer to your questions.

So, how do you start using social media wisely? Well, right here!

On this post we’ll collect links to handy guides and information meant to assist in using social media without fear – please read on.

Image showing a decision tree of how to use Social Media

Attribution: University of Alabama


The chaps over at the University of Alabama have put together a great flowchart (see left), and have also written some ‘best practice’ guidelines; if you’re posting in a professional capacity this may help you avoid making those worrisome mistakes – have a look right here.





An image showing the Nurse's guide to Twitter

Blue sky thinking



Over in Australia there’s a good guide to using Twitter, they’ve labelled it ‘for nurses’ but we think that this applies to everyone, really – hop on over and take a look. Confused about hashtags? Wondering what RT means? It’s all right there, explained in neat 140 character soundbites – just like on Twitter! Here’s the link: A Nurse’s Guide to Twitter