Ode from ‘a bust’

When I told my mum what I was up to at work she said she’d like to share her experiences of a mammogram: in poetry.


My twin and myself discovered one day
I was being prepared for a kind of x-ray
As I warily waited KIND HANDS came along
And stripped off my bra with my twin looking on

I was placed on a plate, oh great care was shown,
KIND HANDS pressed a button; a shutter came down
And spread me full flat!.. I balked even though
Kind Hands had explained the procedure before

And as I lay pinioned a thought came to me
If a fire breaks out how on earth can I flee?
Flattened down thus? Oh a frightening thought
(A real fear dear Kind Hands, please make a note)

So, the mammogram over and back in my bra,
After my oddest encounter by far
O my twin and myself send our deep loving thanks
For our bill of good health. Thank you all Kindly Hands


Florence Remmer, mum and fine poet

Mum’s overarching memory is of ‘kind hands’, what is yours?

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