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Attribution Bartolomeo Veneto [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Attribution Bartolomeo Veneto [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Many of us are naturally inclined to check that our poorly family members are all ok. Making appointments for them and arranging visits. Do you give yourself the same compassion?  I think not, many of us don’t. I am working part time and I have to arrange all my appointments on my days off..whatever they are. Some of you will have a changing work pattern which might be more of a challenge when making appointments so I guess you let them slide. If I gently ask a woman attending for screening appointment, they do say they were busy and meant to rearrange slipped their memory. Another told me her friend was recently diagnosed and so it jogged her memory.


If you wish to attend for breast screening and you think you are eligible (you are registered with a GP practice and aged about 50-70) then call your local unit and check for a suitable appointment. Just because you miss one does not mean you are ‘struck off’ the list forever or have to wait until next time. The Breast Unit can tell you when you are due your next invite or send you one now. Have a friend who is over 70? She can call and ‘self refer’ every 3 years.

Many woman are carers and have to find child care or family member care so that they can attend their own appointments. If you keep yourself well and get treated early then you are more likely to be able to continue your caring role. What do they say on an aeroplane? ‘Put your own oxygen mask on before you help someone else’.

So Breast Screening; we can make our own decision about attending. Do we benefit from knowing that all is ok when we get the results or would we rather wait until we see or feel that we have a symptom of a breast problem? Do we know what to look for? Check out a previous Blog for a chart to see what to look for. Quality evidence says that breast screening can find a small abnormality about 2 years before you would feel it. Yes, a few cancers are not seen on x-ray, they are missed, so always be breast aware.  No one knows your breasts better than you.

Attribution: Breast Cancer Care

Attribution: Breast Cancer Care


One way to check yourself is to stand in front of the mirror..RAISE YOUR ARMS when looking at your breast, dimples and distortions are easier to see when both arms are above your head. Check out the video at or for a different style


How do you look after yourself?

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Shaheeda · March 12, 2016 at 8:35 pm

Interesting blog Julie & so true!.

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