Embarrassed?: becoming comfortable with examining our breasts

Julie Stein Hodgins who is a Baby Feeding Specialist, Breast Screening Mammographer and member of the WOMMeN project considers how mixed cultural messages are responsible for such diversity around our conceptualisation of the breast, and how this influences breast awareness and self-examination. Breast Screening & Social Media don’t mix? Women have mixed views about breast[…]

Image showing mobile phone and a wave of colour

Mammography : risks from ionising radiation put into perspective

September 28th 2015 This week, Cathy Hill, Education and Training Lead at The Nightingale Centre & Genesis Prevention Centre offers an informative blog focusing on radiation and mammography. How is a mammogram produced? It is a digital image produced when low dose radiation (but high energy) is converted in to an electrical signal which in[…]

Image showing breast screening statistics

Reflecting on the call back experience: the implications of overdiagnosis

October 12 2015 By Rachel Plachcinski We’re delighted to welcome another guest post written by one of the WOMMeN hub group team. Rachel is a health professional but was new to mammography when she attended her first screening appointment. Here is her story.. Three months ago I received an invitation to attend for breast screening[…]

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